Environmental Equipment

EnviroPro is committed to assisting our industry operate as cleanly as possible. In support of this mission we represent some of the leading manufacturers of environmental equipment. From reducing NOx emissions to removing particulate from flue gases, we are ready to assist you with your project.

SCR SYSTEMSSCR CATALYSTWet Electrostatic PrecipitatorsAcoustic BuildingsGas Turbine Auxiliary systemsNoise Mitigation

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Environmental Equipment provides additional tools that assist refineries and chemical plants to operate in accordance to environmental permits. This equipment includes

  • SCR, or Selective Catalytic Reduction devices, control NOx, CO, and VOCs on heaters, boilers, and oxidizers.
  • Replacement SCR Catalyst to increase the removal efficiency of NOx, CO and VOCs.
  • WESP, or Wet Electro-Static Precipitators, is a proven technology for the removal of liquid droplets and solids from process gas and exhausts.
  • Noise Mitigation studies can be performed to analyze and recommend equipment to reduce a single unit’s or overall site-wide noise.
  • Acoustic Buildings for sound reduction housings for turbines, reciprocating engines, compressor stations, vent stacks and blowers.
  • Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems for systems to support GT applications.