Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

Wet electrostatic precipitation has been a proven technology for the removal of liquid droplets and solids from process gases and exhausts for several years.

The WESP-2F also combines the continuous self cleaning of down flow designs with the high removal efficiencies of up flow ESPs. The WESP-2F is an integrated solution removing multiple pollutants from your process exhaust including sub-micron particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5), acid gases, and NOx compounds from you process exhaust.

The following provides a flow description through the WESP-2F:

  • The process gas travels through the quench system lowering the gas temperature to saturated conditions.
  • The process exhaust is directed through an upflow absorption tower for removal of large particulate, scrubbing of acid gasses and is the first stage of NOx removal.
  • The downflow WESP is preceded by a sub-micron mist generator that adds fine water based particulate to the stream. The sub-micron particles are then charged by the negative ions and collected on the WESP collector tube walls.
  • The exhaust gas enters a second stage horizontal scrubber section to further reduce NOx emissions.
  • The last stage is the upflow WESP which will remove any remaining fine particulate and provide a final mist elimination step by removing sub-micron droplets.
  • The clean exhaust gas exits the WESP system and is discharged to atmosphere.

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