Noise Mitigation

EnviroPro works with EnergyLink International to provide noise mitigation services and equipment. Collectively, their team has designed and implemented more than 350 site-wide acoustic guarantees with a 100% success rate. This is due to unparalleled experience combined with the use of advanced systems and leading-edge technology to identify and mitigate noise issues.

  • Diagnostic Measurement Programs
  • Environmental Noise Surveys
  • Complaint Investigation and Compliance Assessment

Diagnostic Measurement Programs

Refinery and Petrochem

EnergyLink International will develop a site-specific diagnostic measurement program to compile and document the characteristic noise emission and propagation conditions from the key sources at your site. Diagnostic programs often involve advanced instrumentation systems and consider the operating parameters of the equipment. A combination of on-site and off-site measurements is often recommended. Diagnostic surveys are a key component of noise complaint investigations, site expansion, and retrofit projects.

Environmental Noise Surveys

Gas Power Generation

Environmental noise surveys employ standardized measurement procedures and calibrated monitoring equipment to quantify the overall environmental noise level and isolate the contribution from specific facilities or sources. Environmental noise surveys are used in conjunction with diagnostic surveys, to establish the baseline sound level for new projects, or for post-construction compliance assessment.

Complaint Investigation and Compliance Assessment

Coal Power Generation

We have in-depth knowledge of environmental noise issues and years of experience analyzing these issues in the field including low-frequency noise, temperature inversion effects and tonal noise. Noise survey protocols are developed with local regulatory requirements and site conditions in mind. We are subject matter experts when it comes to compliance with noise regulations and we deliver expert opinions to our clients.