Flare Systems

EnviroPro offers the latest technology flare systems. The flare systems offered by EnviroPro are safe and reliable while meeting customer demands for high destruction efficiencies, low utility consumption, and flexibility to meet any radiation requirements called for by the site.


EnviroPro has the technical expertise to help you evaluate the advantages and capabilities of each type of flare system so that you can select the design that is best suited to your project.

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Flare System Uses

Flare systems are the last point of safety in an operating facility. The American Petroleum Institute (API) describes flares as a critical component of a system designed for the safe, reliable, and efficient discharge and combustion of hydrocarbons from pressure-relieving and vapor-depressurizing systems. Every flare system must be readily available, dependable, and capable of performing through all day-to-day and emergency operating cases.

If the flare is designed to handle an emergency condition, the flare must be properly sized to ensure not to exceed regulated maximum tip velocities, heat radiation at grade and smokeless capabilities.

Flare Sizing

Key flare sizing parameters include: radiation requirements at grade, flare tip exit velocity, smokeless requirements, waste gas composition, allowable pressure drop and other considerations.

Elevated-flare support systems include: guy-wire, derrick, or self-supported. Parameters for choosing support systems include; available plot space, flare height, waste gas temperature.

Typically design cases may include startup/shutdown, normal process case, continuous minimum-flow purge-rate and emergency cases.

The EnviroPro team can assist you in proper flare sizing to efficiently and effectively meet your needs.

Flare Tip Selection

The type of flare tip is typically chosen based on environmental regulations, waste gas composition, and smokeless requirements. Flare tip varieties are distinguished by the type of assist technology they use including; pressure, steam, and air-assist. Smokeless assist may not be required depending on the gas composition.

The EnviroPro team is knowledgeable and experienced in proper flare tip selection to meet the needs and requirements of the application.