Heat Exchangers

Air cooled and shell and tube heat exchangers are frequently used in refinery, petrochemical, gas, and other industrial applications. EnviroPro offers the latest technology on air cooled and shell & tube heat exchangers that are ASME U,S,R,NB certified and comply with TEMA and API 660/661. We look forward to helping you to apply the right heat exchange equipment to solve problems related to removing, recovering, or transferring heat.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat exchange (HX) equipment is used to transfer heat between liquids and gases without being in direct contact with each other. If the transfer medium is air, either induced or forced by fans, these are referred to as an “air cooled HX.” If the transfer medium is a process gas or fluid,a shell and tube HX might be used. These systems serve a variety of processes and applications in refineries, petrochemical, and gas plants.

EnviroPro partners with Exchanger Industries (EIL) to offer shell and tube and air cooled heat exchangers, HelixChanger®, and EMBaffle® exchangers. EIL sits on the Technical Committee of the HTRI and is on the forefront of design technology. Our team offers the benefit of extensive experience with carbon steel, high alloys and weld overlay materials to suit a wide variety of process requirements.