SCR Systems

At the core of EnergyLink International is a team of highly respected professionals in catalyst systems with a variety of disciplines. Recognized leaders who are at the forefront of our ever-changing industries and backed by a diverse portfolio of hands-on domestic and international experience. Further strengthening our team is their strong commitment to going further and achieving more for our valued clients.

As such, EnergyLink International prides itself on our in-house engineering capabilities supporting Catalyst technologies. Further complementing our well-known exhaust structural engineering prowess, EnergyLink International designs control systems, analyses flow by using state of the art CFD modeling, makes structural decisions by using elaborate finite element analysis, meets customer’s noise criteria by using sophisticated acoustic design programs and creates our own electrical and mechanical designs.

The following showcases our combined team experience and demonstrated technical expertise in solving complex challenges with value-added solutions.

  • Involvement with more than 175 SCR and CO Emissions Control Systems as well as over 1,168 Exhaust Systems
  • Experience spans from small aero-derivatives to large frame sized machines and virtually all gas turbine configurations
  • Leading experts in NOx CO Reduction, Flow and Temperature Management, Ammonia Systems, Controls, Silencing and Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Achieving 96% NOx removal with 5 ppm ammonia slip and 100% regulatory compliance
  • Advanced technologies and proven designs achieves 99% NOx removal

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SCR System