EnviroPro’s team of degreed and experienced engineers combined with a wide network of discipline experts allows us to execute a wide range services. These services can range from a simple consulting visit to complex equipment installations. The list below shows just a few of the types of services we can provide. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.

Flare Systems

  • Flare System Consulting and Evaluation
  • Flare System Installation
  • Design enrichment gas control system for low BTU flare gas
  • Radiation calculations for new process conditions
  • Temporary or Rental Flares
  • Inspection and Training

Thermal Oxidizer

  • Combustion calculations
  • Fuel consumption and reduction analysis
  • Troubleshooting of shutdown situations
  • Burner and pilot upgrades
  • Low NOx implementation strategies

Fired Heaters and Burners

  • Inspection/Evaluation of burners and fired heaters
  • Recommend Parts needing replacement during upcoming turnaround
  • Heater Engineering Efficiency Studies
  • Emission Testing for NOx, CO, UHC
  • NOx Reduction Strategy Studies
  • Field Construction and Installation
  • Emergency Response