Fired Heaters

EnviroPro provides everything you need for efficient process heating from our initial Heater Process Study to new Fired Heaters and Burners. We also offer Heater Revamps to improve the operation of your existing systems.

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Fired heaters are used in the refinery, petrochemical, and hydrocarbon industries for a variety of applications, such as heating fluids in tubes for further processing. The tubes are heated by direct-fired burners that are often fueled by a mixture of natural gas and plant off-gas.

Fired heaters are among the most critical pieces of equipment in a facility. They may be used to heat process fluids, change feed states, or to cause necessary chemical changes.

Working with a heater supplier that understands how the heater fits into the process is critical. EnviroPro can assist you and your site for heater studies and revamps of existing heaters and new heaters. Please contact us with your project details.