Pressure Relief Devices

This unique ASME certified pressure control device offers an accurate, simple, and robust solution for large diameter pressure relief situations. With the EnviroValve shear pin design, you maximize precision, minimize labor time involved in resetting opened valves, reduce the effects of fatigue caused by pressure fluctuations over time, and lessen the susceptibility of mechanical failures inherent in other pressure relief devices.

  • ASME Certified – UD stamp
  • Very accurate pin shear – for both high and low pressure applications
    • 10 psi: Shears within ± 5% of desired pressure
    • 10 psi down to 5 psi: Shears within ± 0.5 psi of desired pressure
    • Set pressure as low as 1 psi
  • Accurate pressure relief even with constant internal pressure swings
  • Manual resettable without breaking stream line
pressure relief device
pressure relief device
pressure relief device