Pressure Relief Valves

The EnviroValve Ejector Series are designed for petrochemical plants, refineries, and other industrial plants to safely relieve pressure. They are designed to auto reset after the relief event without replacing pins or discs. The EnviroValve PRD’s might be used in the place of a typical spring, pilot, buckling pin, or rupture disk valve. The EnviroValve won’t chatter at any pressure setting and is accurate to +/- 5% of setpoint.

  • Description: Right Angle Pressure Relief Valve
  • Typical Sizes: 3/4” – 8” Larger Sizes are Custom Manufactured
  • ANSI Class: ANSI 150 – ANSI 9000
  • Temperature Range: -20°F to 450°F
  • Leakage: Available in ANSI/FCI Class VI @ 95% of set pressure
  • Accuracy: +/-5%


No Replacement Pin or Disk

The EnviroValve automatically resets after a pressure relief event and does not require a replacement component to reset. Which means less parts, less inspections, less replacements, less maintenance and less expense.


EnviroValve is auto-resetting, it requires no downtime because there are no buckled pins or ruptured discs to replace. No down time is time saved which is money saved.

Eliminates Emissions

EnviroValve’s Multi-Patented design operates fully sealed at up to 95% of set pressure, saving the user money by eliminating emissions and waste if connected to a flare or vent header. Less emissions means no fines, and money saved.

No Control Pilot or Pilot Tubes

With a robust and simple design there are no small lines to get clogged during operation, so it does not require any time-consuming inspections to ensure pilot lines are clear.

Higher Relieving Capacity

EnviroValve has a higher relieving capacity for each inch of diameter of pipe size, which means less, or smaller devices needed. Less devices means less expense.

No Chattering

EnviroValve maintains full seal near its set pressure, unlike spring loaded pressure relief valves (PRVs).

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