CORMETECH, Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing of high-quality environmental SCR catalysts, providing catalyst regeneration and engineering services for the power, marine, industrial-process, refinery, and petrochemical markets. The company has leveraged more than 30 years of field experience and ceramic extrusion technology to create innovative SCR catalyst products and services that meet customer’s needs. CORMETECH has multiple fully dedicated, state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, research and development centers and testing laboratories in Catalyst sample testing to estimate remaining life.

  • Applications in refineries, power generation, petrochemical and coal plants
  • Easy retrofit into existing SCR systems
  • CORMETECH ELITE – Ultra low pressure drop through the catalyst
  • CORMETECH METEOR family (M1, M2 and M3) of products for multi-pollutant control and CO/VOC oxidation
  • CORMETECH DUST BUSTERĀ® SCR catalyst and screens for plugging resistance

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