GST (Great Southern Technologies) specializes in direct fired heater evaluation, design, and sub-contract fabrication. Great Southern is committed to working with refineries, petrochemical plants and engineering companies to supply new heaters and/or identify and recommend solutions to current heater performance problems.

Great Southern areas of expertise are:

  • High efficiency fired heaters
  • Heater process studies
  • Heater revamp service and engineering
  • Convection Sections revamp and replacement
  • Heater emission reduction
  • In-house CFD
  • NOx reducing side-hinged sight doors
  • Stack damper replacement without removal of stack

GST is committed to providing the highest level of heater expertise for new and retrofit projects. GST’s heater designs will meet process requirements, company standards and specifications as well as industry standards. GST heaters incorporate the latest in fired heater design and technology to extend run lengths, reduce emissions and increase overall efficiency.

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